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The latest release of Emos eClient has been updated to work with the latest version of the Pharos Uniprint solution (v8.1). A small tray icon client application that allows users to view their current Pharos balance and review thier transactions with a simple mouse click.


- Customisable User Detail Information.
- Customisable prompts and menu items
- Upto 200 transactions shown between user specified dates.
- Export transactions as HTML or CSV.
- Print transactions.

Requires Pharos v7.2, v8.0 or v8.1 with the Pharos EDI installed

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EMOS eClient v2.0.10 Install Package280 KBReadme9-Feb-2011
EMOS eClient v1.3.7 Install Package279 KBReadme9-Feb-2010
EMOS eClient v1.2.6 Install package322 KBReadme2-Feb-2010