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The Minvend 4 is a coin operated photocopier control device. The device can be used on its own or in tandem with an EMOS photocopy control terminal. Offers the latest design of coinbox for selling copies on a photocopier. This freestanding unit fits virtually all makes and model of photocopier with up to 8 price lines for separate charging of A4 and A3 copies, as well as black and white and colour.The Minivend 4 is made of 1.5 mm gauge steel and weighs 9kgs. it has a large capacity coinbox holding up to 2000 coins. The Minivend 4 has an easy to read scrolling user display gving clear information on copy prices and money inserted, as well as giving the administrator a full audit trail. The Minivend 4 is "Euro ready". the existing coin acceptor can be reset by the customer to accept euro coins without the need for an engineer callout, should the need arise.

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