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The kiosk is a self service device for adding credit to centralised accounts across the network. It has a capacitive touch screen with coin and note readers. It is also available with an optional receipt printer.

Users can be authenticated by either username and password (Network Accounts, Active Directory, eDirectory etc.) via the onscreen keyboard or by card (Magnetic stripe, Prox cards, HID, Mifare, barcode)

Users can also register unknown cards against their accounts for use on the Print release and copy stations. (Omega PS150, IMFP or similar)

Version 3 has been completely rewritten using Microsoft .Net during the start of 2008. It has been optimised to use the Pharos EDI and take advantage of Pharos Banks for authentication and account infomation. The Kiosk can now be managed from within Pharos Administrator (Network Terminals) once the Kiosk ini_schema has been applied to the Pharos database.

Integrates with Pharos Uniprint and Off the Glass to give a complete self-service operation.

Available with adjustable height floor stand or wall mount bracket

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Q1 : What paper does the Kiosk receipt printer use?

A: Thermal Paper
- Paper width: 58mm
- Max Diameter: 70mm
- Core Diameter: Inner 12mm/Outer 18mm
Manufacturers Recommended Paper
Nihon Seishi : TF50KS-E2D, TF77KS-E2 or TL69KS-HG76
Updated: 24 July 2008

Q2 : Is the Kiosk available with a locakable cash box?

A: Yes, the kiosk can be fitted with lockable coin and note boxes that lock themselves when they are removed from the kiosk. We recommend purchasing 2 of each so that an empty coin and note box can be put in the kiosk when the full ones are removed.
Updated: 25 July 2008

Q3 : How can the kiosk X and Z readings be reset back to zero?

A: Kiosk v1 and v2
Use regedit and locate HKLM\SOFTWARE\EMOS\Kiosk Reval\Data. Delete the entire Key, it will be automaticaly recreated next time the application starts.
Kiosk v3
Use regedit and locate HKLM\SOFTWARE\EMOS\Kiosk\Readings. Delete the entire Key, it will be automaticaly recreated next time the application starts.

Updated: 14 August 2008

Q4 : How do I turn off the logging on a v3.x.x kiosk?

A: Turn logging off using either by unchecking the DB (debug) options in the Engineers page or manually edit the registry
- KioskLogLevel to 00000000
- CreditDebug to False
- CardDebug to False
- PrinterDebug to False
Delete the log file from C:\documents and settings\administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Emos\Emos Revalue Kiosk\KioskLog.txt
Alternatively run the batch file remove_kiosk_logging.bat when the kiosk application is NOT running.
Updated: 11 February 2009

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Kiosk Dimensions33.5 KB12-Jun-2007


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Manual v5

Kiosk Manual1.28 MB18-Apr-2018

Manual v3.6

Kiosk Installation and Configuration v3.6677 KB25-Jul-2012

Manual v3.10

Emos Revalue Kiosk Installation & Configuration6.12 MB17-Oct-2012

Manual v3.1.x

Kiosk Empty Cash Box Instructions590 KB5-Nov-2008


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Kiosk Brochure477 KB8-Sep-2009