Pharos Integrated Multifunction Printer (iMFP)

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Built-in print and copy control.

The new families of Integrated Multifunction Printers from Lexmark, Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox and Sharp include a variety of high-demand Enterprise Print Asset Management solutions from Pharos Systems:

Employee identification by network login, magnetic card swipe, or proximity card.

Employee-level print and copy accounting, which accounts for and prices print and copy jobs by attribute, device, and volume.

Secure Release Here, which allows employees to print documents to the device most convenient for them, and ensures that documents are not printed until the user who printed them is physically present to pick up the jobs.

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- Canon iMFP
- Lexmark iMFP
- Ricoh iMFP
- Sharp iMFP
- Xerox iMFP

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Q1 : What is iMFP?

A: Integrated Multi function Printers. The Pharos iMFP application runs embedded on the Mutli Function Device (Printer and Copier), allowing users to identify themselves at the device using either username and passwords or a card. The application then monitors, controls and optionally charges for the copying and printing. Charging can be to an individual user or a cost centre.
Updated: 10 June 2009

Q2 : How do I collect a debug log from a Canon iMFP?

A: For v2.2 and above.
Use your web browser and browse to http://IPAddressOfiMFP:8000/Pharos/Config and set the logging to enabled, tick the file check box, set threshold=all, press apply, then reboot the copier.
Perform the action that you wish to log. (i.e. copy or print etc.)
Collect the log by browsing to http://IPAddressOfiMFP:8000/Pharos/Config and follow the show log link to the log page, then press the view log button. Collect the log and email to
Updated: 24 September 2008

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Technote Ricoh iMFP

Ricoh iMFP Configure Logging77.9 KB16-Jun-2009

Technote HP iMFP

HP iMFP Settings32.8 KB28-May-2009

Technote Canon iMFP

Canon iMFP Configure System Manager36.8 KB27-Jul-2009
Canon iMFP Disabling the MEAP App110 KB28-Nov-2008
Canon iMFP Clearing Unreconciled Transactions38.6 KB28-Nov-2008
Canon iMFP Settings54.3 KB8-Oct-2008
Canon iMFP Product Specification1.11 MB18-Jul-2008
Canon iMFP User Interface Screen Shots529 KB18-Jul-2008


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Brochure v8.0

Uniprint White Paper v8.01.21 MB2-Jun-2008
Pharos v8.0 New Features (Final)149 KB19-May-2008


iMFP Sharp Brochure1.31 MB21-Apr-2010
iMFP Xerox Brochure1.29 MB21-Apr-2010
iMFP Ricoh Brochure1.17 MB14-Jan-2010
iMFP Canon Brochure0.98 MB14-Jan-2010
iMFP HP Brochure935 KB14-Jan-2010
iMFP Lexmark Brochure1.25 MB14-Jan-2010